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COVIDPASS - A Myanmar COVID-19 Digital Ecosystem

As a proof of your COVID-19 vaccination you will receive a COVIDPass. This digital proof of your vaccination can be shared within the ZADA Ecosystem in Myanmar to organisations, enabling a safer movement of people and more convenience to you.



How to get a covidpass?​

COVIDPASS is only issued by approved Vaccination Centers and Hospitals.

After your vaccination you will get your COVIDPASS automatically but if any issues, just contact us on [email protected].

To receive your COVIDPASS you also need to have the ZADA Wallet App to store it!

COVIDPASS Issuance Partners

COVIDPASS is part of
ZADA Digital ID Network and Ecosystem

ZADA is the ecosystem provider that makes COVIDPASS verifiable and a digital ID that can be used across Myanmar.

With the COVIDPASS you hold and control this proof in your mobile phone. You can share it with organisations in the ZADA Ecosystem and then can easily verify that it is authentic. More and more organisations are joining and you will soon be able to create online accounts, buy insurances, travel abroad all with your COVIDPASS and ZADA App.

To receive and share your COVIDPASS you need to have the ZADA Wallet App.

You want to have a COVIDPASS?

If you have been vaccinated elsewhere, please contact your vaccination center directly. You can also let us know below and we will help to reach out to the vaccination center. For a vaccination center to become an issuer they just need to comply with COVIDPass policies to ensure trust so it is an easy process for them. 

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