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COVIDPASS | Business


About COVIDPASS for Businesses

In a post-COVID-19 world there will still be a need for a trustable way to prove a person’s COVID-19 credentials to bring people back to not only travel but also physical locations such as a workplace, school, stadium or airline flight.​

With COVIDPASS businesses can easily verify that the a person has had a Vaccination or COVID-19 test done within a certain period of time. This can even be done directly online automatically when a booking is being done for a flight or hotel room or when entering an airport or bus.

What are the benefits?

Restore confidence

With confidence in each travelers verified COVID-19 status, a safe reopening can take place and business be operated.

Better security

A decentralized approach mitigates against the risk of having to store and secure sensitive data, while ensuring that records can never be counterfeited.

Better privacy

The individual remain in control of their data, and no information is sent without their consent.

What is unique with COVIDPass?

As simple as scanning a QR code

Compatible with other solutions

Safer than paper records

More secure than huge centralized databases

How to start accepting COVIDPASS for your business?

To accept COVIDPASS to verify someone’s vaccination or PCR-test status you need to become a member of the ZADA Network. As a member you can request verifications and make sure the credentials / proofs you receive are issued by approved issuer and not fake. 


With ZADA Core you get fully intergrated and you can both issue and verify credentials on the ZADA Network. You have full control and can use different API Calls in the ZADA Network.


ZADA Auth is a simplified version that enables you to quickly enable people to submit ZADA Credentials such as COVIDPASS for verifications, new registrations or logins etc. Just a webhook is needed to receive what the person accept to share with you.

Frequently asked questions

A COVIDPass certificate represents a digital proof of your SARS-CoV-2 vaccination or test.

A medical institute can issue you a digital certificate, which is kept in your ZADA digital wallet app. This certificate in your app can be later verified by anyone you allow. No need of any integration.

Post-Pandemic world will be radically different. The people would need to prove their immunity so they can travel without risk of being infected and infecting others. We are anticipating a dire need in the future for COVID-19 health credentials.

You fully control your data and the private key of your decentralized identity, and no one except you has access to it. Issuers only hold authority over issuing certificates and revoking them if needed. Verifiers can only verify if someone tested negative or is vaccinated.

ZADA takes advantage of the immutability and trustworthiness that blockchain has to offer. Certificates issued on the blockchain are reliable and immutable, and can be revoked if needed.

All your data and it’s communication channels are encrypted end-to-end. You and only you control your digital identity, and your information is not shared with anyone unless you approve.

COVIDPass is a solution for the travel and entertainment industry to mitigate the effects of COVID-19.

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